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Investment programmes of KfW Capital

KfW Capital is an institutional investor that invests across phases and sectors in venture capital and venture debt funds with a presence in Germany. These funds invest in young, technology-driven companies that put new, innovative ideas into practice, create jobs and secure the basis for future prosperity and growth in Germany and Europe.

KfW Capital invests from funds provided by the federal government.

ERP-VC fund investments and ERP/ Zukunftsfonds ("Future Fund")-Growth Facility

With the support of the ERP Special Fund and the Zukunftsfonds ("Future Fund"), KfW Capital invests in the European VC Fund with a focus on Germany.

Here you can find more information on the ERP Special Fund.

Green Transition Facility

KfW Capital invests in climate tech funds with KfW funds.

You will find more information about the Green Transition Facility here.

Emerging Manager Facility

KfW Capital invests in the Zukunftsfond building block. The aim: To improve market access for female or gender-diverse fund teams with smaller fund volumes.

Further details on the EMF can be found here.

Please check our investment criteria according to this One Pager (currently only available in German).

If positive please send current deck (incl. management, investment strategy, track record, exposure to Germany) to .