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    Investment programmes of KfW Capital

    KfW Capital is an institutional investor that invests across all phases and sectors in venture capital and venture debt funds with a focus on Germany. These funds in turn invest in young, technology-oriented companies that put new, innovative ideas into practice, create jobs and secure the basis for future prosperity and growth in Germany and Europe.

    ERP-VC fund investments and ERP / Zukunftsfonds-Growth Facility

    With the support of the ERP Special Fund and the Future Fund, KfW Capital is investing in European VC funds with a focus on Germany.

    Green Transition Facility

    With this program, KfW Capital invests specifically in climate tech funds, improving access to capital for start-ups with a focus on ecological change. This is a contri­bution to the sustainable trans­formation.

    Emerging Manager Facility

    KfW Capital invests further in the Zukunftsfonds. The objective: to improve market entry for women or gender-diverse teams with a smaller fund volume.

    Please check our investment criteria according to this Onepager.

    If positive please send current deck (incl. management, investment strategy, track record, exposure to Germany) to .