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    ESG training for VCs: “Leading in ESG”

    Sustainable and responsible investment is becoming increasingly important for VC investors. In order to build and expand knowledge in this area even faster, there is an increasing need for specific ESG training for the venture capital asset class.

    KfW Capital and the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt have therefore designed the "Leading in ESG" training together with VentureESG. This training was developed to support VC funds in incorporating ESG aspects into their business.

    The training pursues four primary objectives:

    • Create a basic understanding of concepts such as ESG and impact
    • Support the transition to concrete measures with practical tools that can be adopted and implemented by VC funds
    • Learn through application with interactive exercises
    • Inspire participants through sessions with industry leaders who share good practices for applying ESG and impact

    The training covers ESG integration in all areas of internal practice, routines, and processes of VCs. It compromises the investment process (decision-making and due diligence), internal fund management, portfolio support (after the investment) and stakeholder management, and it provides insights, tools, and resources specifically for the VC industry.

    Further information on the course is available at Leading in ESG - ESG Programme for VCs.

    The training "Leading in ESG" continues in 2024. If you are interested in participating, please contact .